Welcome to Family Dips!

Located in Red Bluff, California, Family Dips has been providing some of the best mouth watering flavors of chip dip mixes since 2008. With seven flavors to choose from, each of our recipes are custom blended to exacting measurements for consistency. Mix our spice packets with your favorite sour cream and mayonnaise and you are ready for your next party!
  • We Have Something for Everyone!

    Here at Family Dips we have a wide variety of flavor combinations to choose from. From the bold & spicy to the more traditional flavors we all know, everyone will find a dip mix they will love. We guarantee it!

    We Have Something for Everyone!
  • Your Recipes… Our Dips!

    Our dip mixes and your recipes are a perfect combination that are sure to love. Try topping your next baked potato with Dad’s Bacon. Try Sister Sue’s Cayenne or Grampa’s Smoked Chipotle on your next Taco. The possibilities are endless!

    Your Recipes… Our Dips!
  • Craft Fairs & Festivals

    We love to travel and bring our tasty dip mixes to fairs and festivals all over. You may have even been introduced to our wonderful products at these venues. Be sure to look for the “Family Dips” name and accept nothing less!

    Craft Fairs & Festivals

Quality You Can Taste

spices-spoonsFamily Dips offers fresh quality dip spices delivered right to your door. To bring you the freshest possible dip mixes, we blend our spices in house by hand, one package at a time to ensure consistency. We use only the highest quality ingredients and it shows in the taste of our dips.

Dip Mixing Instructions

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image27568573All of our spice packets are mixed in the same manner. Combine packet contents with 1 cup mayonnaise and 1 cup sour cream. Let chill for 4 hours and enjoy! You can even substitute with fat-free sour cream and mayonnaise or Greek yogurt for a low calorie dip.

Pure Wholesome Goodness!

no-stampOur products do not contain any preservatives, additives, or MSG. To keep your dip mixes at their freshest, store in a cool, dry location, away from light. Additionally, we also recommend storing them in an airtight container. Shelf life from time of purchase is 12 months.